• Hugo Static Site

    I had WordPress for a myriad of years – it feels like. As my daily work involves moving clients away to other, less feature rich but more integrated solutions it became more and more pressing to check options for myself. Hugo is written in Go, a language that I chose to implement several big projects. Accidentally, Hugo became an inspiration and source for documentation when I started to look for good articles about Go’s templating language that we use extensively.
  • Go 1.10 party waitlist

    Go 1.10 is not full of new features. But one feature makes me really happy, GOPATH being optional. I will be able to work in my projects folder (my hope, anyway). I’m a member of the Go London User Group, although I have never managed to either turn up or get in yet. I wander if Gophers are as nice people as my e-commerce peeps. Oh by the way, I love math.
  • Golang experiments, Data Transformation

    Wow, two years without (published) post! I’ve started to experiment with Go in the meantime. I have to admit I’m far from being able to write good code in Go, not that I could tell this from any other programming languages, but hey, it’s something. As my normal day job involves some backend here and there and we are doing some serious ETL magic, I had to look around for a transformation language.
  • Year ’13

    This is the time of the year when I do my little stock-taking around my memories about last year. Mate had a good start in the school with the exception of some innocent violence pushing and kicking others. He has a good grasp of reading, he is using this newly acquired skill with confidence. The school turned out as an excellent choice. Daniel failed to get good GCSE grades, but we have found a course at East Surrey College for him where he seems to be happy.
  • Last year of maya calendar

    This post is about last year. I have to say it was really colourful. Lets begin with office matters. This was my second year at the company, we had good year so management decided to go to other markets too. This meant new language to support, having fun with French again, c’est bon. New colleagues, lots of learning. Good and bad decisions, really good and really bad days too. At home we have helping hand (au pair) so my loved one Emese has a full time job again.