Back from the CERN

I’m tired and extremely happy, I was able to see the Data Center of CERN
(European Organization for Nuclear Research, read Nuclear part as inner
particles of atoms, protons and electrons not as nuclear technology).

I have been invited by Interware Rt. (a five stars server hosting hotel)
with many young (and not so very young) IT professionals and Interware’s
most important business partners.

For Your Information: The visit in CERN is for FREE. Actually we had the
first group who had asked for guided tour in Hungarian. So they have asked
their Hungarian staff to attend some courses (for few weeks) and become
certified tour guides (they were computer scientists working at the Data
Center) so we were very intimated.

The weather was nice (except some showers) and we had good time at
CERN. We have seen many interesting and exciting things like the first
webserver of the world (as you might know the Web was born at CERN),
very-very big clusters (around 2000 nodes) from Linux machines and beautiful
tape silos. I have many good pictures (from others, too) and some home
made videos (taken by my C-765)!

Our trip was hard (2×16 hours of bus travel was hard for my back, we also had
to sleep in the bus one night) so I will go to bed tomorrow early.

Pictures and videos will be avalilable from

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