Mac OS X leopard (aka 10.5) first impressions

The new cat gives me so much, I can’t count everything.

After a clean install I have moved my programs into the Applications folder, then Application Support, Preferences and many things from my old home folder. After this I had a clean leo with my apps working (or not :))

I had to squash some bugs, too, for example FileMaker works with US locale but nothing else, hot-keys stopped working with international keyboard layouts (for example command-`, move focus to next window) this is really painful.

I had fights with apache2 and virtual host settings (IPv6 entries in /etc/hosts), but now I have php5 with apache2 without having to recompile anything.

I had to download some beta programs instead of stable releases, but it’s OK.

Another thing: XCode3 is a jewel 😀