About 2005

OK, so it’s time for review last year. I’m happy it’s over. I hope I will like 2006 better.

  • Projects:
    • Two major Flash-MySQL-perl based TV show game (currently in use on ATV and Duna TV)
    • Web sites (kepvadasz.hu, A4 Apple Center, …)
    • Call Center application in Cocoa, Webkit, PHP and MySQL
    • OpenOffice.org 2.0 Hungarian version with Hunspell for Mac OS X, aka FSF.hu build
    • contribution in TV show called Macians (currently I feel shame because I have no time) on Fix.tv
    • started to work on other smaller projects with various new customers
  • Job: From 1st of August I have new job: I’m development director of A4 Apple Center, first real Apple Center in Hungary. My tasks are project management, software development in C, Objective-C, Perl, PHP… etc, Unix support (mostly Linux, *BSD and Mac OS X server systems) and systems analysis.
  • Education: Oh, almost forget. I have MSC. In February I have finished my diploma work and made final exams on ELTE. My major is Teacher of Computer Sciences. This was my second diploma, I’m quite happy with it.
  • Conferences: Attended Apple Expo in September, Paris, I gave a speech about Gimp at Linux in Education Conference and about free software development at Software Freedom Day, Szeged. I have given speeches about free software on our road-show stops, too.
  • Games: finally I have found a game to play: WoW (World of Warcraft). You will find me at Ragnaros realm, in Alliance guild called Elemental Gankery. My main character’s name is Dorthum.
  • Private: mostly WoW (see: Games), my sister Gabi has married in August, I live happy family life with Emese. It was our 6th year together.
  • Politics: still nothing. I still hate politics, I think I will continue it this year…
  • Health: no luck.
  • Love: see Private. I’m happy.
  • Money: see Job. I’m quite happy… sort of.
  • Free/spare time: see Job, Private and Games. I haven’t got too much time to play, for other things like sports and parties… forget it.

Bah. So this was 2005. I have processed few thousand e-mails, about the same amount of web pages, I have made few good applications and I have survived this year.