New machine on board

After long delay (waiting for service, about 3 weeks or more) few days ago

(ok, I know, I’m a bad blogger) I got my first dual processor system.

Reeeealy cute!!! A real PowerMac G4 (Gigabit Ethernet model) with two 450

MHz CPU, RAM and some other parts cannibalised from another systems. Yes, the seller have changed the hard drive to a noisy 20 gig one, my first step was to

change it to a silent drive…

I’m impressed with the speed. Ok, I know, this is an old machine, but

really. I really like this machine!

Yesterday I had an ill-fated try to build a NeoOffice (from Jaguar…

brrr… hard to switch back from Panther), it has problems with some VLC

(not the video player, I suppose) includes, tomorrow or later I will give it

another try. I’m too sick to fight with build environments.