Looking back on the year, as usual. My memory is so bad I have to take notes ๐Ÿ™‚

If last year was positive, itโ€™s even better, in every aspects.

I have a nice new job in a small international company as Head of IT / Architect, some kind of a CTO but with lots of fun around the code. We have few Magento systems, building new sites regularly, working with logistics companies and other partners connecting our systems to their, providing them data, sending and updating orders etc. Lots of planning and coding involved. I really love it! Colleagues admire my expertise and skills, my boss is pleased, we have lots to do so we are not bored at all.

Summer was cold and wet so we had less fun compared to 2010 in the parks, but moved to Croydon, so we are closer to the City so I have more time with my lovely little family every day as Iโ€™m 45 minutes distance form the office. The new flat has a nice kitchen with a big American style fridge, a long peninsula of kitchen counter, washer-drier, dishwasher, fan oven, you call it. We have two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a nice living room open together with the dining room and kitchen area, and a little garden area โ€“ in constant renovation.

Daniel commutes back to Redhill for school, Mate was at home with Emese. Croydon is less fun for them, so they go back to Redhill weekly for the nice playgrounds and the singing-dancing playgroup. Mate loves trains, have his part of socialising with other kids. Finally Iโ€™ve found time for my health, Iโ€™m running 5k every day instead of lunch break, found a dojo for martial arts practice, too.

So I hope new year will bring at least as much fun and joy as this year. I wish the same for all of us.