Still lots of staff to close

Tomorrow I will start another “big project” and I still have lots of unfinished stuff here. I will have to make agreements with my previous clients who are complaining for support (unfortunately all of them think it’s free, gratis, etc…)

Normally I help them as I should, but after a number of requests I start to slow down, losing interest. I know it’s not the best what I can do, but they don’t want to pay my time and although I really like them (not all of them, but in general) I have to do my other jobs, too.

It’s easy to say the it’s my fault, but the situation is foggy. At this point I decided to be strong and tell them there is just one way of working together (of course I had to wait the time I don’t depend their future project promises)…

So hard time comes, I will have to check all the contracts and see if I will have to fulfil anything like burn the whole project on a CD or write a paper about the stuff.