Year ’13

This is the time of the year when I do my little stock-taking around my memories about last year.

Mate had a good start in the school with the exception of some innocent violence pushing and kicking others. He has a good grasp of reading, he is using this newly acquired skill with confidence. The school turned out as an excellent choice.

Daniel failed to get good GCSE grades, but we have found a course at East Surrey College for him where he seems to be happy. He’s normally in his room chatting with his friends or out somewhere. Sounds extremely social but the generation gap is definite.

Emese had been promoted to management level with a slight pay-rise, still trying to find the balance between technical and management tasks, resulting great amount of overwork. It was an excellent idea of her to have a Christmas break, she is happy and relaxed.

Eszter, our au-pair and her daughter, Hajnal helped a lot so we could continue with our career. They have started to integrate, Eszter has more friends here than me.

At work we’ve started an English site finally and started to ship globally. I’ve managed to fight through design changes and modernisation too. The team is growing, we caught up with the speed, now testing and deployment is the bottleneck. I had several good job offers but nothing serious. I also had a rise although I declined to submit even a year.

We had great time at Costa Adeje, next time we will go not just one week. I really enjoyed the catamaran trip but I was alone with this.

I’ve stopped practicing Aikido for a while but I plan to go back soon. Stopped running too around Christmas but I definitely want to continue it.

My sister decided to move here, her husband is already here, working for Emese’s company.

I hope the best for them and we are trying to help everywhere we can.

So this is about last year. Happy new year!