Nokia 6111 and Mac OS X aka. how to sync, problem v3

Yesterday I have bought a Nokia 6111. This is a good-looking Series 40 phone (sigh, no more python/c++ hacking, no more iSync)…

While there is a program to sync contacts, etc (works well with 6111) called PhoneDirector from MacMedia, I had to write my own (and free) app to upload the contents of my Address Book to the phone.

Gnokii is a good choice, if you have just one contact to sync but if you have few hundred you will have to make a script. Or you should download my perl script…

Oh by the way, about the phone: AddressBook bluetooth connection (calls, SMS) works well, Bluetooth file transfer works too, internet connection ditto. It has FM radio, mp3 player, camera, comes with a good quality headset, unfortunately it has no memory expansion slots.

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