Golang experiments, Data Transformation

Wow, two years without (published) post!

I’ve started to experiment with Go in the meantime. I have to admit I’m far from being able to write good code in Go, not that I could tell this from any other programming languages, but hey, it’s something.

As my normal day job involves some backend here and there and we are doing some serious ETL magic, I had to look around for a transformation language.

I suck at googling, took me ~ a month to figure out what to look for… anyway. By luck, I found Emlyn O’Regan’s older project, bOTL. (https://www.etltools.net/wiki/display/dataintegration/Data+Transformation+Languages was quite helpful as source)

Unfortunately, nothing in Go, so I quickly ported the javascript version: https://github.com/shoobyban/botl

Of course after porting it I realised I should check the author’s site for more info, tests etc… and realised that he has a new language, http://www.sutllang.com

Sutl (sUTL Universal Transform Language) is a bit harder to port (bigger and I have spent my willpower on botl) and to be honest I don’t like the syntax changes much.

Maybe later.