Fun with a Powermac G5

I borrowed a PowerMac G5 form HAndras, I met him first on a MUG meeting where

I saw his G5 (A clip from HAndras)

He managed to sell his “old” 1.6 GHz model and to buy a new one, a freaking

dual 2GHz G5. While the old one is waiting for the new owner HAndras was so

kind he gave it to me to compile the

I am so happy! I have already a new build, the CVS tarball from Pavel built

in about 9 hours. On my PB12 this was about two days…

I also managed to build the with the Hungarian patches, with

MySpell. I’ve got small problems with the spell checker, but I think the

main part of the work is complete.

After testing the packages will be available from

While using the G5 I have to say it’s the best workstation machine I ever

worked on. I will have to buy one!