Mighty Mouse in real

Yesterday I brought home the first Mighty mouse for testing. I have to say I was right. This is an evolutionary mouse, but users will have to learn to use it. Clicking with the right, left or the middle (OK, its better to say 1,2,3 or primary etc.) button is easy if you don’t think just do it. But when you see what you do (for example I lift my other fingers up) you will try to do it other ways and it does not work like that. So here is the recipe of clicking:

Primary click (formerly known as left click 🙂 put your fingers on the mouse and just click the way you have clicked thousand billion times with a normal one button mouse.

Secondary (right) click: put your finger (no matter which) to the right side to the mouse and click (with the mouse). If you use the driver (and the PreferencePane) you will be able to set it up to left handed use.

Middle click: I use it as exposé all windows button… Put your finger on the scroll ball and click normally.

As you see the secret is in the mouse’s software and in the brain of Apple engineers. Congratulation, guys.