After 2 months of fighting with my pain and inflammation in my lung with aid of drugs like steroids and antibiotics I had to find that after I stopped to get those pills the pain and the inflammation came back.

But it’s better than poisoning myself with steroids and drugs for blood pressure and so… after one month of taking Medrol I had terrible headache (I mean terrible and way too long… 3 weeks long without a minute stop) but it was better after I was able to stop taking it. Maybe it was because the Medrol, maybe not.

I could just hope I will recover fast… OK or at least recover anyway, I know lung and pleurisy is not the fast healing kind stuff. Doctors found still no reason… it’s scaring me a bit, of course.

I’m working from home and trying to move less and stay in bed… but it’s hard because it causes pain sometimes, so I have to sit up or stand up then try to find a better position. Even big breath-takings are bad. It’s so annoying…