All right, time to post all things about 2009. I cannot wait longer.


  • My son, Máté (Matthew) was born in January
  • I have a new app in iTunes App Store: iRecipeBook
  • Acted as “Most Senior Apple Consultant” for Hungary
  • I had nice server consolidation projects at Apcom
  • Also I had very nice in-house development projects
  • I had no major health problems


  • Apcom is much smaller now
  • There is a joke about recession: A recession is when your neighbour loses his job. A depression is when you lose yours… so it was depression for me 😉
  • Christmas was without my mother and granny, they were sick

I think despite of the financial recession ^W depression I was able to close this year with positive balance. Of course not financially… iRecipeBook just went to the shelves late November, I mean I just put it to the App Store because I use it and I love it.

This app was build for myself, contains features for me and Emese. Remote editing was really important for us because we use a lot of 3rd party recipes what we found on the web. It’s easier to copy-paste it on the computer with a web browser… anyway, I have a new version I will have to release it as update soon…

About my job: this year was fantastic, I had a chance to meet guys like James C. Berry. Jim was Group General Manager for Apcom Group, we had lots of fun with his projects making the company more enterprise-like. Also I was happy to work with guys like Peter, Karoly, Steve, Arpi and others, I cannot write a complete list but they made my life harder with their projects and little questions 😀 I love them, I hope they will have good sales in 2010.

Finally, I have to close summary of 2009 with Matt. I am very-very proud of my son, he is already showing signs that he is bright, calling me daddy 😉 standing still, eating (kind of) alone, playing with LEGO bricks and ball, understanding many things clearly showing that he loves us… I wish he will have a happy life.