Last year of maya calendar

This post is about last year.

I have to say it was really colourful. Lets begin with office matters. This was my second year at the company, we had good year so management decided to go to other markets too. This meant new language to support, having fun with French again, c’est bon. New colleagues, lots of learning. Good and bad decisions, really good and really bad days too.

At home we have helping hand (au pair) so my loved one Emese has a full time job again. She has a big team and lots of clients, she loves it. She’s really good, others say it too, not just me.

Mate is now really close to learn to read, he had his first term in the nursery school too, with progress report (stating that he’s doing great job).

Daniel has a chance to get B for maths GCSE but has to get Bs for the remaining exams too, it’s as hard as it sounds.

We had to move into the catchment area of the school, so moved again, we have enough room now. The train station and shops are 5 minutes walk, no complaints there either. Bought stuff for the flat, bare necessities…

On the account of financials as we have started to stabilise and save for future investments. Happy days!

Of course this was achieved sacrificing holidays and big purchases (see flat matters). Christmas was the only exception when Emese bought a Kenwood monster… and we have a 2-door fridge with water/ice dispenser… oh I love it!

My iPhone/iPad apps keep me busy at home and my brain in training, lunchtime running and weekend dojo time for the body and soul.

I’m regular on Magento meetups, not just networking but finding like-minded friends too.

Visited parents in May, lots of paperworks, banks, passport etc …

Closed the company, well, started it at least, it’s not officially over yet and it might cost me even more money… I’ll be happy when it’s over.

I’m happy how things are going, I hope everything will be the same or better this year too.