• MageHack 2012 London

    I wanted to write a blogpost about MageHack 2012 London (magehack.com) but somehow failed until now. I’ll be brief as it was long ago and the memory is fading fast. There was a pub warm-up event on the Friday before the event, with beers and schnitzel (a guy grabbed the last one just before me), sausages, mash… we’ve discussed our plans, trying to find out who will be possible project owner, who will join, and basically who’s who.
  • twenty-eleven

    Looking back on the year, as usual. My memory is so bad I have to take notes 🙂 If last year was positive, it’s even better, in every aspects. I have a nice new job in a small international company as Head of IT / Architect, some kind of a CTO but with lots of fun around the code. We have few Magento systems, building new sites regularly, working with logistics companies and other partners connecting our systems to their, providing them data, sending and updating orders etc.
  • $year=2010; $year++;

    My first year in the UK. I have had great time at the NSI, I have created the new patrolstore.com based on Magento, a small site called apace.org.uk for police chiefs using Zend Frameworks, 3 other sites are under testing, a new mail server and lots of small achievements. I have a new nick: they call me “the Hungarian wizard” 🙂 We live here in Redhill, just south of London in a nice little two bedroom rent.
  • =SUM(2009)

    All right, time to post all things about 2009. I cannot wait longer. Pros: My son, Máté (Matthew) was born in January I have a new app in iTunes App Store: iRecipeBook Acted as “Most Senior Apple Consultant” for Hungary I had nice server consolidation projects at Apcom Also I had very nice in-house development projects I had no major health problems Cons: Apcom is much smaller now There is a joke about recession: A recession is when your neighbour loses his job.
  • My Wok Chicken

    1 chicken breast 2 table spoon of olive oil 1 can of mushroom 1-2 carrot 1 table spoon of wok spice (contains salt, sugar, garlic, pepper, soy sauce, ginger, fenugreek, turmeric)… I know this is cheating 😉 soy sauce 1 table spoon of starch 1 medium sized onion 100g of rice noodle water Clean and slice the chicken to 2×3 cm slices, fry them in olive oil till they are white.