• Hugo Static Site

    I had WordPress for a myriad of years – it feels like. As my daily work involves moving clients away to other, less feature rich but more integrated solutions it became more and more pressing to check options for myself. Hugo is written in Go, a language that I chose to implement several big projects. Accidentally, Hugo became an inspiration and source for documentation when I started to look for good articles about Go’s templating language that we use extensively.
  • Simple session store in Go

    I needed to store values in a key-value store that would persist after restarting the program. I’m not good at finding things on the internet until I know what exactly to search for. So instead, I have written a simple package for storing my data session-like way. https://github.com/shoobyban/simplesession is the result. // Simple counter program using session storage package main import ( "github.com/shoobyban/simplesession" "fmt" ) func main () { sess, err := simplesession.
  • Golang experiments, Data Transformation

    Wow, two years without (published) post! I’ve started to experiment with Go in the meantime. I have to admit I’m far from being able to write good code in Go, not that I could tell this from any other programming languages, but hey, it’s something. As my normal day job involves some backend here and there and we are doing some serious ETL magic, I had to look around for a transformation language.
  • PIM weekend update

    Rewriting software is good. Code katas are good. Painful but good. Implementing the PIM on one platform and reimplementing it on a different one is especially painful. Implementing API instead of direct database connection feels nice though. As well as having an established framework like Symfony2. I had no real problem with the other one but when I will have to support it longer than the support will be available for the framework, sounds like a good idea to just switch – and learn everything again.