• Converting to Storyboard based design

    As Apple is pushing Storyboard based app development I’ve decided to give it a go. Having a family holiday with lots of spare time after the pools closed I’ve started to pull it together for iRecipeBook. I had to find out how to simplify and standardise my old – I mean really old – code that I call guano code, created layer-by-layer as technology changed and requests came. Mostly it was about delegates, callbacks and properties – duplicated here and there, non-standard solutions for supporting of older (iOS 4.
  • Moved domain finally

    So here I am, finish multi-branding all say. I’m now on wizguild.com, migrating everything here. First of all, my projects on the main site (mostly done, more coming) and my support sites for iOS apps. Although I have no time and intention to blog regularly I’ve migrated my old stuff here for the posterity.