Converting to Storyboard based design

As Apple is pushing Storyboard based app development I’ve decided to give it a go. Having a family holiday with lots of spare time after the pools closed I’ve started to pull it together for iRecipeBook.

I had to find out how to simplify and standardise my old – I mean really old – code that I call guano code, created layer-by-layer as technology changed and requests came. Mostly it was about delegates, callbacks and properties – duplicated here and there, non-standard solutions for supporting of older (iOS 4.x) systems.

As new technologies like iCloud will be essential and I can’t support 4.x any more I was able to greatly simplify the business logic. In just about a week (mostly from 9pm to whenever I fainted from exhaustion) I’ve learnt Storyboard and made the iPhone and iPad version, pulled it to the feature level of the original.

To be honest it is a great relief to have something up-to-date, with iOS 7 coming I have to be up-to-date and my solutions have to be closer to the standard solutions.

Of course I’m testing the app with iOS 7 and … I have to resize few views as they go under the top navigation bar, for example. Puzzling.

Also some design change is unavoidable. Finding the balance between the two designs will be an interesting challenge.