Hugo Static Site

 24/01/2019 -  Sam Ban

I had WordPress for a myriad of years – it feels like. As my daily work involves moving clients away to other, less feature rich but more integrated solutions it became more and more pressing to check options for myself. Hugo is written in Go, a language that I chose to implement several big projects. Accidentally, Hugo became an inspiration and source for documentation when I started to look for good articles about Go’s templating language that we use extensively.

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New tool: gwget, wget based on file list, downloading only missing files

 16/04/2018 -  Sam Ban

I had to pull only missing images from media folder of live to a staging server. Best way to do it was to … create a tool that does exactly what I had to do. is the result. Enjoy.  

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Go 1.10 party waitlist

 09/02/2018 -  Sam Ban

Go 1.10 is not full of new features. But one feature makes me really happy, GOPATH being optional. I will be able to work in my projects folder (my hope, anyway). I’m a member of the Go London User Group, although I have never managed to either turn up or get in yet. I wander if Gophers are as nice people as my e-commerce peeps. Oh by the way, I love math.

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Golang experiments, Data Transformation

 23/01/2018 -  Sam Ban

Wow, two years without (published) post! I’ve started to experiment with Go in the meantime. I have to admit I’m far from being able to write good code in Go, not that I could tell this from any other programming languages, but hey, it’s something. As my normal day job involves some backend here and there and we are doing some serious ETL magic, I had to look around for a transformation language.

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Another watchface

 09/01/2016 -  Sam Ban

I have to say creating beautiful watchfaces is addictive. I had to create a new one, now a replica. I’ve found a Gucci watch I would love to have – but as a smartwatch. Creating it was fun, having it pure joy. See watchfaces page for details.

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Watchface for Pebble published

 06/12/2015 -  Sam Ban

I’ve published my latest watchface, ShoMaurice, after using Maurice for a while and missing/disliking few things about it. I can’t help it. Pebble’s decision to make C the primary language for developing watchfaces was an excellent choice. Of course you can theoretically make apps in JavaScript but why? I have other projects as well but I enjoy this, with a few hours of coding I create something beautiful, then I carry it with me.

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PIM weekend update

 01/03/2015 -  Sam Ban

Rewriting software is good. Code katas are good. Painful but good. Implementing the PIM on one platform and reimplementing it on a different one is especially painful. Implementing API instead of direct database connection feels nice though. As well as having an established framework like Symfony2. I had no real problem with the other one but when I will have to support it longer than the support will be available for the framework, sounds like a good idea to just switch – and learn everything again.

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PIM updates

 24/02/2015 -  Sam Ban

In the past few weeks I have been working on the PIM (Product Management System) for my Magento instance. With the current setup we can work on the products without having to touch Magento admin. Product data is versioned and synchronised both ways on every PIM product list display – this is not optimal but works well, I will probably create a cron job. Attributes and attribute sets are also synchronised, CRUD is ready but I don’t want to show it on the frontend.

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Simple Product Information Management system for Magento

 13/02/2015 -  Sam Ban

Product Information Management systems help you to manage product information centrally. In a sense Magento is a PIM. Magento doesn’t allow you to have versioned product data. In most cases this is not a problem, because you want to sell based on the latest information and you have a reliable content management team. But what if this is not the case, you have computer illiterate shop assistants or old people trying to manage the site?

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Bee-Bot and Sphero magic is coming

 11/02/2014 -  Sam Ban

We have a new pet at home – a Sphero. Kids love it but most of the programming tools are not for 5 years olds. With the help of old turtle logic and their recent experience playing with Bee-Bots in school we had some fun already. Keep your eyes open, BeeSphero is coming! [Update 30/04/2014] Bee support didn’t react to my support request yet (Apple needs their approval too), I suppose they are busy developing the other bots…

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