• iRecipebook on Facebook

    As I’m working on Facebook share – there will be a share button under the recipe viewer screen that creates a Facebook note from the recipe – I had to create a Facebook page so I can link to it from every post. Please like and check iRecipebook app Facebook page, I will update TODOs, fresh screenshots, recipes and my copy-paste resource links there.
  • Core Data iCloud support on iOS

    As of today, we still have 4.x systems running, iOS 5 is still not real minority, so I can’t just use iOS 6 API. After reading several articles and trying every framework and sample code I could find my verdict is the same, iOS is not ready for Core Data iCloud yet. The currently available iOS versions are not behaving the same way so either it’s a testing nightmare or just a nightmare, developers can choose.
  • iRecipeBook in Russian and Chinese

    I had some time to focus on localisation. As 4.3 and 5.0 version is still majority so I can’t really put iCloud features in use, I did something instead for non-English speakers. I hope every translation is correct. If not, please let me know.
  • iRecipeBook for iPad

    We have a new release! The iPad compatible iRecipeBook was a request, actually we had a bad review, stating that the – iPhone only – iRecipeBook looks wrong on the iPad… The reviewer stated that five stars will be the award of an iPad compatible release. I’m waiting! Meanwhile I’m already working on localisations, social networking update (Facebook share, Twitter, Pinterest maybe…) and sharing recipes via email and from within the App.