• Toddlers’ Blocks for iPad and iPhone

    Finally I’ve released my block-building game for the kids! They’ve been testing it on the iPad for ages, asking for more faces, telling me that they like this, don’t like that etc. Of course for App Store screen-shots I had to modify the UI, for loading and saving block layouts, it’s hard to create the same screen-shots for all the resolutions… and left a broken callback in the code even after testing, so 1.
  • iRecipeBook for iPad

    We have a new release! The iPad compatible iRecipeBook was a request, actually we had a bad review, stating that the – iPhone only – iRecipeBook looks wrong on the iPad… The reviewer stated that five stars will be the award of an iPad compatible release. I’m waiting! Meanwhile I’m already working on localisations, social networking update (Facebook share, Twitter, Pinterest maybe…) and sharing recipes via email and from within the App.
  • Updated iRecipeBook finally

    It took terribly long to fix the built-in web server. Thank you for your support by using the App and sorry for annoyances. The focus is on social networking features now. As the database is bigger and bigger, especially after uploading images for every recipe I’ve realized maybe we will have to implement an option to get rid of big images. The big image feature was introduced to help social networking publication, but clearly we can’t sacrifice launch performance.