• iRecipeBook for iPad

    We have a new release! The iPad compatible iRecipeBook was a request, actually we had a bad review, stating that the – iPhone only – iRecipeBook looks wrong on the iPad… The reviewer stated that five stars will be the award of an iPad compatible release. I’m waiting! Meanwhile I’m already working on localisations, social networking update (Facebook share, Twitter, Pinterest maybe…) and sharing recipes via email and from within the App.
  • Creating Magento admin grid without database tables

    It’s not common that you have to display something that’s not in the Magento database. It was not too difficult to figure out how to do it but checking this might save you few minutes. Feel free to download the code itself: Wizguild_VirtualGrid.zip Virtual grid package structure In the Grid.php I create a Varien_Data_Collection object: protected function _prepareCollection() { $collection = new Varien_Data_Collection(); foreach (array('alpha','beta','charlie') as $item) { $data = new Varien_Object(); $data->setName($item); $collection->addItem($data); } $this->setCollection($collection); } …then just use it in the _prepareColumns():
  • TextWrangler PHPTidy filter

    I love TextWrangler. Performance of TextWrangler is just incredible compared to the alternatives. Just try to open a few hundred megabytes long XML and do a search and replace. Others will give you the spinning beach-ball for minutes. Its only real weakness is long lines. I miss few key features, though. I’m not a big fan of BBedit, those extra features are not for me, I actually found them very distracting.
  • Updated iRecipeBook finally

    It took terribly long to fix the built-in web server. Thank you for your support by using the App and sorry for annoyances. The focus is on social networking features now. As the database is bigger and bigger, especially after uploading images for every recipe I’ve realized maybe we will have to implement an option to get rid of big images. The big image feature was introduced to help social networking publication, but clearly we can’t sacrifice launch performance.