• Can’t wait to publish my iPhone apps

      Five Or More game screenshot I’m still waiting Apple’s approval of my request to join their developer community. It’s not straightforward, because I cannot buy anything from Apple Store. I live on the wrong side of the world. I had to fax them papers to prove I will buy the subscription, now they are sitting on this paper and ask me to wait. It’s not so easy to wait, after waiting more than one year to release something it’s more than annoying.
  • OpenOffice.org 3 beta is fast!

    I can’t wait the stable release! After years of watching the splash screen I was delighted to see how fast is the new OOo beta. Service guys has a big XLS price-list of the service parts, this beta software opened this huge file with such an easiness and speed… I will like the native OOo, I think. NeoOffice is still better if you have to edit something, I had many problems with the fonts and chart sizes, this is normal for a beta software.
  • iPhone SDK

    This morning I have finished porting iLines to official SDK. Works well. I have to admit there are drawbacks (lack of Interface Builder, coming soon) but my code was also buggy (I’m not surprised :)) So now I know I’ll be able to write software and probably I’ll do it. Before this Apple will have to release firmware 2.0 and this is the hardest thing to wait for something you can use now (theoretically).