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About last few months in nutshell: moved into our flat bought a Rover 45 (1.6i club, 2003 model) iStyle Hungary (company where I work) opened 2 new shops Maji is 10 years old summer was hot, we worked much

My Skype theme

It’s not official, barely legal (it’s from an Adium theme) but looks good. To install: get it here and after uncompressing copy it into /Applications/Skype.app/Contents/Resources/ChatStyles/ (or find the according folder on Linux and Windows). You cannot switch the color scheme and can’t show avatars, but it’s cute.

XKCD widget

I am mad, I know. I’ve made the XKCD Time Factorisation widget for other XKCD fans from their comic strip. I hope you will find it funny. Another useless widget on your Mac OS X Dashboard :).


After 2 months of fighting with my pain and inflammation in my lung with aid of drugs like steroids and antibiotics I had to find that after I stopped to get those pills the pain and the inflammation came back. But it’s better than poisoning myself with steroids and drugs for blood pressure and so……

Lake Omszki

This weekend we had some fun at the lake Omszki. Vakhangya and his son asked me about having a chat, Maji has a new ball so we played football. It was fun, except Vakhangya had some problem with his blood pressure… I hope they are OK now 🙂

Heviz – honeymoon

This weekend we had nice weather at Heviz. I can’t remember the last time when we were so happy and relaxed. Heviz is Hungary’s most famous thermal lake, beautiful (with water lily) and radioactive water. I have no problem with my bones or muscles (the water is good for disabled people) but we had an…


Finally I’m here. I’ve played with Xserves, Xserve RAIDs and fibre channel switches in the last few days, it was fun. French people are nice, the host of the training is a company is Agnosys.fr, a French Apple training company. They have good trainings as I understand their brochures. I’ve learnt few new French words…

Mac OS X “cracked”

Of course, with a buggy 3rd party driver. So it’s not a real sensation, but good for the press (blooood!!! ahhhh!!!) Nonsense. Of course, the guy was smart, he had good stuff and the security hole is absolutely there… Hijacking a macbook in 60 secs with a 3rd party WiFi card